St. Petersburg, FL Insurance

Approximately 25 miles southwest of Tampa is the beautiful oasis of St. Petersburg, FL. Lined with some of the best beaches on the Florida coast, this city boasts to be one of the top vacation destinations in the country.

According to the United States Census Bureau, St. Petersburg, FL has a total area of 137.6 square miles. The population of the city is 249,688 approximately. St. Petersburg covers many zip codes including: 33701, 33702, 33703, and 33704.

Rich in history, the city of St. Petersburg was founded in 1876 and incorporated in 1892. The founders were John C. Williams and Peter Demens. Demens named the city after Saint Petersburg, Russia because he had spent time there while growing up. Folk legends claim that Williams and Demens flipped a coin to name the spot, which resulted in Demens naming the city and Williams naming the local hotel: The Detroit Hotel.

Commonly known to locals as St. Pete, the city has a wide variety of attractions and tourist spots transcending St. Pete Beach. From the Great Explorations Children's Museum to the world renowned Holocaust Museum, you can learn a lot on a day trip through St. Petersburg. Need a good shopping experience? There are a plethora of malls and districts you can visit to spend a little mad money. Of course, the beaches are a top point of interest. Fort De Soto has been ranked as the #1 beach in America!

Whether you call it St. Petersburg or St. Pete, it is no doubt that living in such a city can come with some hazards. That's where Bentley DeNight Insurance comes in. Citizens have turned to us for years to help protect them against the unforeseen problems life can bring along the way. From reliable and comprehensive homeowners insurance to dependable flood insurance, you can rest assured that we have your best interest at heart when looking for quality St. Petersburg insurance.

Auto Insurance in St. Petersburg, Florida

For years, we've insured and covered the wonderful citizens of St. Pete with auto insurance you can depend on. From your current car or a brand new one, we have policies that protect you and your vehicle against damage. No policy is too large or small for us! We also specialize in recreational vehicle insurance that covers a large amount of specialty vehicles including RVs, ATVs, motor homes, boats, yachts, and motorcycles. Our agents work with great insurance carriers to bring you the best value for the most coverage.

St. Petersburg Homeowners Insurance

If you just bought a home or currently own a home and are looking for a home insurance policy in St. Petersburg FL, then you've come to the right place! For years, citizens of St. Petersburg have entrusted Bentley DeNight Insurance with the protection of their home and belongings. From regular homeowners insurance to condo insurance, there isn't a stone unturned when getting property coverage with us. Having protection in a state like Florida is necessary to make sure you don't lose more than you put in to your home or property.

St. Petersburg, Florida Flood Insurance

Probably one of the most important and requested insurance policies for citizens living in Florida is flood insurance. Bentley DeNight Insurance offers fully reliable and comprehensive flood insurance policies in St. Petersburg FL. In a climate and region that is riddled with storms and hurricanes, it's no secret that citizens have a right to be overly cautious and protective when it comes to their home or property.

Bentley DeNight Insurance offers so much more than just insurance products, we offer peace of mind. From auto insurance to business insurance, there is no limit to the coverage we can provide. For more information on the St. Petersburg insurance products we offer, give us a call today at (727) 344-4500, and ask for one of our dedicated agents!